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A message from Jo

A message from Jo

As you know schools are currently closed until further notice.  This is to try and bring the corona virus under control.  We are open to children of Key Workers, and to children with EHC plans.  However, if it is at all possible to keep your children at home, please do so as this is the safest thing for them, their families and our wider school community.

We are really missing all of the children and their families and I know teachers are sending out timetables and suggestions for work.  Please – only do what you are able to do!  We know this is a strange time for all of you, and playing a game, doing some fun baking, even cuddling up on the sofa and watching a film, is just as important to your child right now.



Every Friday we will post a film or link to a story that you can watch with your children.  Staff and families can watch at 6pm on a Friday so that we still feel connected.  The stories we have shared so far, can be found here:  Jo reading a cautionary tale ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’  Will reading a folk story.

 We will post a new story every Friday.


Clap for Carers – every Thursday at 8pm, families across the UK are clapping in recognition of the amazing work being done by Key Workers – this includes, Cleaners, Bus Drivers, Postal Workers as well as school staff and our amazing National Health Team.  Please join in.  I know I will be on my balcony, clapping every Thursday – and if our staff and families join in, it’s another way we can keep connected.  Please feel free to send video clips and photos of you clapping to my email address – and I will share on the Website and on Twitter if you are happy for me to do so.

Twitter – @randalcremerprimary


Dealing with Anxiety

If you or your children are feeling anxious – please watch the recording Jo made, about ‘When your Worries Get Too Big’

When Your Worries get to Big


Child Care for Key Workers and Vulnerable Children.

If you do need child-care or would like to speak to Jo about it during the shut-down, please complete the form below:

Child Care Application

You may need to provide proof of being a Key Worker, but please don’t hesitate to at least speak to me.  It helps to know in advance so that I can rota staff so as to keep them safe too.


Social Distancing

You will all have heard the key messages from the Government at this difficult time:

  1. Stay indoors.  If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then enjoy the sunshine safely, but otherwise, apart from one hour a day for exercise, please stay inside.
  2. Keep your distance – when you are going to the shops or getting some fresh air – make sure you stay 2metres apart from other people.
  3. You can find guidance on personal hygiene, including hygiene, here but simply put, wash for at least 20 seconds with plenty of soap and hot water.


You can contact Jo either through email – or by phoning the school office 0207 739 8162.  If no-one is there to take your call please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Spring Holiday

School is officially closed until 20th April.  If you need to contact the school during the holiday the quickest way is through email.


Food Vouchers and Hampers:

  1. All children entitled to Free School Meals have now been sent the first e-voucher.  Vouchers have been ordered for the Easter break too, so they should be arriving soon.
  2. Once a week, we are working with Chefs4Schools and the Hackney Teaching School’s Association, to provide food hampers for families.  They also include bagels and cereals from our alliance with Magic Breakfast.
  3. If your circumstances change due to the Lockdown and you have had to apply for benefits or other support, please let Jo know.  You might be entitled to Free School Meals – and even if your claim has not been processed, we can help by at least ensuring you receive a hamper.   Please don’t hesitate to ask and if we can help, we will.


Please keep safe and well.  If you can, send us photos of any work you are proud of – we’d like to start a gallery showing off the work you’ve done.

It would also be lovely to receive any pictures of rainbows you have created – it would make a lovely video to share with you all.

We can’t wait to see you all as soon as possible.