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Cyber-Bullying Awareness Show

Cyber-Bullying Awareness Show

Children enjoyed a very entertaining and informative play about Cyber-Bullying  today.

The actors reminded children about some important ways of staying safe when using the internet such as:

  • Always tell an adult you trust if you see something online that you find upsetting
  • Remember that it is illegal to threaten someone’s safety online as well as in person
  • Always be polite and respectful to others online, its not cool to be cruel
  • Never post a photo of someone else without asking permission first
  • Always keep personal information private online

Click here to watch the show again!

If you have any concerns about something that you have seen online or if you have received a message that upsets remember ALWAYS TELL AN ADULT THAT YOU TRUST. Take a screen shot and save the number as-well.  The following websites have some useful information: