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Latest Ofsted

Our latest OFSTED Inspection was in June 2016

Here is what they said about EYFS.

EYFS is Good!

 The leader of the early years and foundation stage has a clear vision and
demonstrates strong leadership. As a result, although the leader was
appointed relatively recently, there is already evidence that this area of
the school is highly effective.

 The proportion of children reaching a good level of development is
consistently above the national level and the forecast for this year
indicates that this level will be maintained. This is particularly impressive
because of the very low starting points with which many children enter
the Nursery.

 The curriculum is stimulating and engaging and the ‘free play’ spaces are
changed to respond to the children’s interests. The children use the area
sensibly and wisely.

 Children have good personal and emotional skills, they play well
together and settle down to group learning activities with enthusiasm. In
the open play areas, both inside and outside, there is an industrious
atmosphere with children cooperating and taking turns.

 The assessment system is well used and there is no room for children’s
progress to slip. Samples of work, photographs and knowledge of the
pupils all contribute to a firm understanding of their ‘learning journey’.

 Parents are well informed about their children’s progress and there are
plenty of opportunities for them to get involved with their child. For
example they may settle down to listen to them read in the Nursery and
the early years space at drop off or pick up time.

 Safeguarding is effective and there are strong partnerships with external

 The key worker system is effective because adults know their children
very well and consequently the children feel secure and confident. They
have no fear of trying new things and are keen to share their
experiences with other children and adults in the Nursery.


You can read the full report here.