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Dr. Seuss World

On 17th November both Reception Classes went to the Discover Centre in Stratford to visit ‘Dr Seuss World!’ We had been reading different Dr. Seuss books in class and we especially loved the story of ‘The Cat in the Hat!’.

We took the bus and the Overground to get there which was lots of fun! We had some Y4 helpers to come with us and they showed us how to sit safely on the train.  When we got there we helped the Story Teller retell the story of ‘The Cat in the Hat’ with different props!

Next we went into Dr. Seuss World and it was strange and wonderful! It was quite dark so it is hard to see in the pictures but we climbed, hid, dressed up, made music and lots of other fun activities!

After we had eaten our packed lunches we went to the fantastic playground at the Discover Centre and played in the sunshine for a while. We loved all the different equipment they had there!

When we got safely back to school we were exhausted. We had a message waiting from Dr Suess!