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School trips

Enhancing the Curriculum!

 “The curriculum enriches the experience of the pupils. They go on many excursions and consequently are more excited about learning.” – Ofsted

Randal Cremer Primary School Trips and Visits

  • Trips and visits are a highly valued part of the school curriculum and have a very important part in a child’s school years.
  • Trips must, therefore, be embedded into the curriculum and have a strong purpose to support the child to make links with current or future learning.
  • There should be some evidence of trips in at least one of the following: classwork books, displays and photographs on the website.
  • Trips should be planned throughout the school year and should occur, where possible, one per half term or at least one per term.
  • Trips that are based in the local area and just require a short walk within the school day, do not need a permission slip but the parents must be told in writing when, where and times that the children will be out.
  • Longer trips that require public transport, monies to be paid, longer journeys or are outside of school hours must have a written permission slip from a parent.
  • Oral permission from parents is not acceptable unless there are exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the head teacher.

Risk Assessment Document


*Due to Covid-19 all trips are currently suspended.