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An archive of news stories from Randal Cremer Primary School

Randal Cremer gets a Face Lift

Over the Summer Holidays, various building work took place at Randal Cremer.  We will be holding an Open Day on 14th November to showcase some of the exciting projects that took place.  Invitations will be sent out soon.

Creating Recycling Podcasts.

Today us Digital Leaders, we have been recording our final draft about recycling. We all hope that we will win the competition WISH US LUCK!!!!!! First of all we have been researching about recycling. Afterwards we tried to write a script of a one minute recording….

Y6 Secondary School Transfer Update!

Dear parents and carers, as  you know the Year 6 transfer to secondary schools process is now upon us.  Click on the link below to access the secondary transfer booklet and to find out about key events and dates. SchoolFair_SchoolsOpenDays2014 Parents can now access the online…

Testing Software for Reception

Today as Digital Leaders we have been looking for a game in Purple Mash, which Reception can use. A simple game to get them used to using the computers and the internet. All Digital Leaders have been working very hard. It was very fun sometimes…