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Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Below are some useful websites your children can go on for learning and fun activities.


You can register as a parent and then your child will have access to on line reading.  All you need is a phone/tablet or laptop with an internet connection.


Get your child/ren moving and learning at the same time.,13WBY,2M62CB,3W04U,1


Your teacher will be checking these sites and adding more work for you each week.


Encourage your child to revise using these.


Free on line learning for children


Free on-line reading for your children when you register


For Yr 1 and 2 – phonics games for all your children


Reading app that is free to download


Spanish practice


Some fun indoor games you can play:


For any families struggling to find supplies or struggling in any way this organisation might be able to help:


Some fun indoor games you can play:


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