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Workshop for parents – saving money on food

Workshop for parents – saving money on food

Where: Bottom hall

When: Wednesday 29th November at 9am

A Waste Prevention Officer from North London Waste Authority will be visiting our school, to deliver a workshop about food waste prevention at 9am on Wednesday 29 November. The session is free for anyone in the school community to attend and covers lots of useful tips to help you reduce food waste at home, and save money! In particular, we will discuss cooking the correct portions, knowing which foods you can freeze, learning handy tips on making your food last for longer, and understanding dates on food labels. The officer will also be handing out free tools to everyone attending the talk, including measuring tools for rice and spaghetti, recipe cards for using up leftovers and bag clips to keep food fresh for longer.

So if you would like to learn how you could save up to £70 a month, come and join us!