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Year 3 Visit the Poppy Installation

Year 3 Visit the Poppy Installation


Year 3 Orange and Violet wrote this about their visit to the Poppy Installation at the Tower of London

Just to let you know we had a really lovely trip today. We started our walk with the war memorial at Hoxton tube and managed to get to the tower about 20 mins before the rest of Britain. The children were so well behaved and we got lots of comments about how wonderful it was that we were there. An incredible thing happened too; a lady stopped me and said that she had been a student at Randal Cremer 65 years ago..amazing!

We then walked over to St Katherine’s Docks and just floating in there was not only the Queen’s barge, Glorina, but the giant hippo that has been around the Thames lately. We talked about how the docks were such an important part of the war process and how during WWII that part of London was wiped out. We walked further down towards Wapping past remaining warehouses and had lunch on the river, before catching the tube from Wapping back. They loved the boats and the run in the park, chucking leaves at each other. They were children discovering their city. It was really lovely.