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At Randal Cremer we believe that the arts are an essential part of the curriculum, allowing pupils to develop a variety of skills and creativity, which enables them to develop their critical and analytical skills, builds their self-esteem and independence.

Our art curriculum involves a chance for pupils to learn about artists from the past, their artistic styles and movements and modern artists who have also been inspired by them. During art lessons, pupils learn a range of skills which are developed from EYFS up to Year 6. They have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of resources and materials, learning about the artistic process and the development of a final piece.


Our whole school focus for this half term is colour. Each year group has used an artist for inspiration and practiced painting in the style of their chosen artist. The children have learnt about primary and secondary colours, how to mix colours and using colour to create shadows and depth in their artwork.

Reception work  in progress

Final pieces


Year 1 final pieces


Year 2 final pieces


Year 3&4 work in progress

Final pieces


Year 5 work in progress

Final pieces


Year 6 final pieces