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Time to Share Work, Achievements, Festivals and Celebrations

EYFS and Year 1 will have assembly on Monday and Friday at 3pm in the Downstairs Hall.

Year 2 to 6 will have assembly at 12pm Monday and Friday in the Top Hall.

On a Wednesday – all classes should have a class assembly.  This can be up to the teacher to decide the focus but some suggestions are:

  • Debate and discussion around the No Outsiders text
  • Class song
  • A big question to encourage philosophical thinking
  • Related to values.

Entering the hall – music will be played as the children enter the hall.  Children should be encouraged to enter the hall quietly and sit respectfully, ready for the assembly to begin.  Children who are known to find assembly over whelming can be encouraged to wear ear defenders, or remain in the class room with an LSA.

Assembly will start punctually so please be in the hall ready to begin.

Monday assembly – weekly focus related to Skillsbuilder, No Outsiders or Values.

Friday assembly – celebration assembly.

One of the unintended consequences of the lock downs and social distancing is that children have lost the art of speaking loudly and clearly in public.  From October half term we will be reintroducing the assembly when each class performs something about what they have been learning.  This is only meant to be a maximum of 10 minutes and will take place before the certificates on a Friday.  There are some possible foci added but teachers and children can choose their own.