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Prospective Parents & Admissions


Opening Days every Thursday morning from 4/11/21.

We welcome prospective parents to bring their children to see our setting, meet the children and staff here and speak to our EYFS leader. If you would like to book a visit please contact the school office to arrange this – Tel: 0207 739 8162 / Email:

Early Years Admissions

We currently have space in both our Nursery and Reception year groups. If you are interested in arranging a transfer from another setting for a Reception child, this must be done through The Learning Trust, but we welcome you to visit or speak to our admin team for guidance on this. (see details above) If you have a Nursery age child you would like to start at Randal Cremer please speak to the school office about arranging a place.

As well as September start dates we have intakes for Nursery children in both January and April, so children can start at Randal Cremer the term after their third birthday.

Stay and Plays

Before each new intake of children we will invite your and your child along to two or more ‘Stay and Play’ sessions at the end of the previous term, where they can become familiar with our environment, start to get to know the adults who will be supporting them and meet some of their new classmates.

Home & Nursery Visits

We aim to undertake a home visit of all our new starters into the Early Years as we recognise that it is in this familiar, home environment that children feel most at ease. Home visits give us the opportunity to meet you and your child and go through some questions to facilitate a smooth transition to Randal Cremer Early Years. If you have any fears or questions about your child starting Nursery or Reception, this is a perfect opportunity to discuss them. Do take some time to think of any questions you may have and write them down before we visit.

If your child already attends a Nursery or childcare setting, we aim to visit them there too and speak to their key worker. As with home visits, this allows us to really build up a picture of how best we can support your child at Randal Cremer.

Additional Needs

We recognise that transitions to new settings are challenging for all children and families, and can be even more so for children and families with additional needs. If your child does need additional support with transition, we will work with you to come up with a bespoke transition plan to support both your child and you with the process. This might mean some extra visits to Randal Cremer with a parent or key worker to get to know the space, or a photo book of key adults and locations around the school. Please contact our school office to arrange to talk to Torie Closs, AHT for Early Years, or Nicola Prior, SENCo, for support with this.

Summer Born Children:

We recognise that some children born between 30th April and 31st August, can be disadvantaged in that they receive less Nursery Education than other children born before April.  If we have space in our Nursery we have agreed to take all Summer Born children full time so that they can be helped to catch up with their peers.

Click the link below to download a copy of our Admissions Policy.

Admissions policy