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Drop Down Curriculum

Randal Cremer Primary School’s Drop Down Curriculum

Our Drop Down curriculum started last academic year 2016-17. Now in its second year, the primary aims are to ensure the children are given the opportunity to learn a variety of skills throughout the whole curriculum, value is given to all subject areas and the children are ready for the 21st Century.

The “drop down” part of it is referring to let’s drop down our pens and pencils and actively learn some important skills.

The Drop Down curriculum consists of creative arts (art, design, textiles), performing arts (music and drama), design and technology (including cooking and film) problem solving and in KS2; debating.

Each half term there is a whole school theme based on our school values. Each area has a variety of six week courses and the children can choose which ones they do. The children are set in mixed ability and mixed year groups; Year 1 mix with Y2, Y3 mix with Y4 and Y5 mix with Y6. This has created collaboration and stronger friendship links across the school.

Over the year, each child should complete six courses including at least one creative art course, one performance art course, one DT course and one problem solving course. This is overseen by the DHT.

Teaching and learning within these courses is based on the children actively learning skills. We follow the cycle of:

1. Ideas

2. Plan

3. Design/Draft/Practise

4. Make/Perform

5. Evaluate

This is an example of some of the courses :







Both staff and children enjoy this time in school and this ensures our children are getting the broad and balanced curriculum needed.  Please keep an eye out on Twitter and on the website for updates of what our children are doing.