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Drop Down Sessions

Drop Down Sessions

In September we introduced a Drop Down afternoon for all children in Y1-6. This is an afternoon that is dedicated to teaching the children Art, Drama, Music, Design and Technology and Problem Solving alongside life skills like resilience, communication, teamwork, appreciation and being a citizen of our community.

The children get to choose a course on offer each half term. These may include courses like; knitting, percussion, pottery, painting, dance, cookery, creating board games, architectural problems etc.

The children also get a chance to work with other children in their phase.

Tuesday afternoons, Years 5 and 6 swap for their Drop Down.

Wednesday afternoons, Years 1 and 2 swap for their Drop Down.

Thursday afternoons, Years 3 and 4 swap for their Drop Down.

We call the learning “a course” that the children will go on with the expectation of an end result after the 6/7 weeks. This can include a made product, a performance or a new skill learnt.

This half term we are working on enterprise and thinking about our community by producing something for our Winter Fair on 15th December 2016.

Please talk to your child about their Drop Down afternoons and what they are doing.